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The first all new tube harness!

New and first of its kind Feeding tube and Catheter line harness

More about the Embracing Life™harness (EBLharness)


Safe & Secure - A welcome alternative to adhesive tape for securing tubes

The first all new Embracing Life™harness is a comfort garment developed to improve how a tube, e.g. PEG feeding tube or chemotherapy related tube, is supported and secured on a patient’s body.  It is a safe alternative to the use of adhesive tape which, when used, has an associated risk of infection, leakage, reactions or the possibility of tubes being snagged.  This provides peace of mind in the knowledge that tubes are secured and stable.

Importantly, the Embracing Life™ harness does not interfere with any medical treatment. It is a safe, secure and comfortable alternative to using adhesive tape that can be considered by patients and their carer as part of an overall wound management plan. 


Practical - Unobtrusive and comfortable to wear, even during x-rays

The pioneering design of the Embracing Life™ harness is unobtrusive and comfortable to wear.  Patients can continue to wear the Embracing Life™ harness during their normal day to day routine and during medical examinations such as x-rays.  Patients can also rest easy in the knowledge that there will be limited or no movement of the Embracing Life™ harness whilst sleeping.

Aside from its use for patients requiring a PEG tube, the Embracing Life™ harness can be utilised when other feeding tubes or tube attachments, such as catheters or wound drainage tubes, are required. 

The patent pending design of the Embracing Life™harness can be fitted easily by a patient or their carer.  Adjustable, it fits all shapes and sizes, including both adults and children.  

In addition, the unique design provides various points of securing one or more tubes across the patient’s chest ensuring further stability of the feeding or other tube. 


Innovative - Ideas are often generated from everyday situations...

 ...and the origin of the Embracing Life™ harness is no different. Whilst undergoing conventional treatment for a serious medical illness, a patient’s support network saw an opportunity to remove one aspect of the patient’s anxiety and discomfort, without compromising or interfering with their medical treatment.

Surprisingly, the humble beginning of the Embracing Life™ harness prototype drew inspiration from a bra - an everyday female clothing item developed primarily for support and function that has improved over time.

Faced with the discomfort and associated complications of being fed by a tube for many months whilst receiving medical treatment, in particular securing the tube by adhesive tape, it did not take long for the patient’s support network to see an opportunity that would make for a more comfortable experience during what was a difficult and anxious period.

Patent Protection

Proudly manufactured in Australia, the Embracing Life™ harness has obtained patent protection in New Zealand, and is patent pending in Australia and overseas. See our Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) to find out more.

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Our Vision is Simple...

Our vision is for the Embracing Life™ harness to be the product of choice for securing PEG or other feeding tubes, or tube attachments, and have patients fitted with the Embracing Life™ harness  when the tube attachment is installed as part of their care plan.  

We believe the Embracing Life™ harness will improve the quality of life of patients requiring feeding tubes and we are excited about the support it provides both patients and their carers.