Find out how we can help improve quality of life for patients with tube attachments

The first all new tube harness!

New and first of its kind Feeding tube and Catheter line harness


Allow us to help secure your PEG Feeding Tube or similar tube attachment with our new Embracing Life™ harness 

 The innovative and all new Embracing Life™ harness  is a comfort garment developed to help secure tubes such as Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG) feeding tubes, or PEG tube, or tube attachments like Hickman line catheters.  

Benefiting both patients and their carers, the Embracing Life™harness provides a safe and effective alternative to securing feeding tubes with adhesive tape to improve patient health care. 

Safe & Secure


The Embracing Life™harness improves how a tube, e.g. PEG feeding tube or Hickman line catheter, is supported and secured on a patient’s body.  

It is a safe alternative to adhesive tape which, when used, has an associated risk of infection, leakage, reactions or the possibility of tubes being snagged.  

The Embracing Life™ harness ensures that feeding tubes or alike are secure and stable, providing peace of mind for patients and carers as part of the patients health care regime.

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The unique design of the Embracing Life™ harness is unobtrusive and comfortable to wear.  

Patients can continue to wear the 

Embracing Life™ harness during their normal routine and whilst attending medical health examinations such as x-rays.  

Patients can also rest easy in the knowledge that there will be limited or no movement of the Embracing Life™harness whilst sleeping.

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 The patent pending design of the Embracing Life™harness can be fitted easily by a patient or their carer.  

Adjustable, it fits all shapes and sizes, including both adults and children and can be used when other feeding tubes, catheters, wound drainage tubes, etc are required as part of the patient health care plan. 

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See some of the feedback....


"There had to be a better way and now there is! The Embracing Life™ harness was developed out of a need to help secure the PEG tube more effectively."

"Both my surgeon and nursing staff were impressed with the Embracing Life™ harness and wanted to know when it would be available for use by other patients.  They could see that it was going to make a huge difference to patient care both for the patient themselves as well as their medical carers."

"The Embracing Life™ harness won’t cure your illness. But, if like me you need a PEG or other feeding tube as part of your medical treatment then try the Embracing Life™ harness as part of your health care plan.  It will make a significant difference to your level of comfort, the care of your wound site as well as your overall day to day health care management."

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